1. We are hungry to have Spanish version, and high quality material, like more strong hold the papers. Love to have Spanish version from you!, Y’shua will provide to make languages for all world, as like Y’shua says to us “Go preache to the world” Let us know when is Spanish will be out, many people are hungry to know about Y’shua before they die.

    • There is one and is called Version Israelita Nazarena and they have it on PDF or Printed too. I have it and is very good, has the Names of Yahwe and Yahoshua plus all the Hebrew names restored. The PDF is on ibooks for iPhone and for the android version too, the printed one search for https://elcandelerodeluz.org/

    • We are playing catch-up after the Feast of Tabernacles. So we would estimate that all bible orders will take 2 weeks as opposed to the usual 1.

    • Shalom, We are sorry to say that we do not have anyone in that area. We do, however, offer online services every Sabbath at 1:30 P.M (Central Time) yrm.org/live

  2. Old, how long will it take send me an order of the Yahweh Restoration Study Bible to my address in Nigeria, Eastern region?. Thanks

    • We are sad to say, we are unable to ship to Africa at all, we have tried in the past and they never make it to the destination and the cost is very very high.

    • It is just like the standard KJV with Strongs # IN THE TEXT. We obviously restored the Names of the Father (Yahweh) and the Son(Yahshua). We also know that there are errors in the KJV and we left those errors in the text but address them in the commentary.

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