2018 Annual Donation Letter

Greetings Brethren and Supporters in Yahshua,

The secular new year gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on a very busy, productive, and blessed
2018. Yahweh has clearly been guiding every step of the way and our prayer is that you are enjoying His
goodness as well, as you put Him first in your life. Thanks to you, our shared efforts to reach the world with
His Truth are bearing fruit for His glory. Your 2018 annual tax-deductible receipt is enclosed, and we
cannot thank you enough for your dedication and prayers that make it all happen.

The biggest milestone of the year was the virtual completion of the new recreation and lodging center for
Feasts and events. Volunteer brethren worked their hearts out all summer and fall in a determined push to
prepare the lodging facility for Tabernacles. One day we counted 44 volunteers in the building and parking
lot “work area,” sanding and painting the 52 doors and trim as well as the lumber to make the 100-plus
bunkbeds for the 27 sleeping rooms. YRM has always been blessed with dedicated brethren who give of
their time and skills because they love the brotherhood and desire to see this ministry go forward. That is
true love of Yahshua, Matthew 25:40. Our sincerest “thank you” to all the volunteers and to you who
donated to the building fund, as well as your continual support of our daily outreach efforts.

With the multi-faceted outreach that defines YRM, we are always busy updating, expanding, and improving
as we look for greater and better ways to be more effective in spreading Yahweh’s Truth. As seen in the
latest, full-color Restoration Times magazine, we will soon have a new mobile app that will give
unprecedented access to our archives as well as integration with Roku, the website, and direct live
streaming. You will be able to watch all our Roku videos and classic sermons free on the App Store and
Google Play. Our live-streaming audio and video will also be upgraded and fine-tuned in the coming
months. This improvement will give much smoother online presentations as well as access to all we offer.

We are also working on a new, expanded edition of the Restoration Study Bible. The supply of the outreach
edition paperback RSB is now depleted.

Our small, Gideon-like workforce faces big challenges and great opportunities, and with your help we will
use every means and ability Yahweh gives us to get His Truths to the world.

Please remember YRM in your prayers, as we do you. And may Yahweh bless you.

In Yahshua’s Saving Name,

Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry

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