The Anticipation of The Bride…Part 1

My love is a fragrant flower. As the dew moistens the grass, so are my lips moistened by his kisses. His arms are to me like ribbons of silk, enveloping my whole being. Lying on his chest is like lying on the sweet smelling earth. His breath is soft and sensual. His eye is as the waters of a crystal lake, clear and smooth. Words of wisdom roll off his tongue; his voice is as a symphony, soft and lyrical. His tender heart harkens to the will of YAHWEH, ever open, ever obedient, priceless. He is a treasure unto me. Oh, that this evening I could lie in his arms and hear him speak the Word. Time grows short, my heart pounds, anticipation floods my soul. Ah, but soon, very soon, my desire will become a tree of life. Blooming to the utmost of my love. Till then I will Praise my

YAHWEH, and sing of his virtues.

by Jolae Barry for her fiancé 1989

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