Lesson 17 – The Kingdom

Where is the Kingdom of Yahweh? Many believe it is already here in the form of the “church.” Others believe that it has not yet
been established. Let us discover what the Bible means by the “Kingdom” and its significance for the True Worshiper.

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Lesson 16 –  True Repentance

A recent survey found that half of all who claim to have been “saved” go back on their conversion within a year. Clearly they did
not understand repentance, let alone when and how salvation is granted. Does true biblical repentance simply mean to be sorry
for sin, or is there much more to this essential act in a Believer’s life?

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Lesson 15 – Hell

Does the Bible teach that a merciful Father in heaven will torture the ignorant or even the rebellious in an eternity of unspeakable
agony — to roast alive forever in horrendous pain from sulfurous flames of hellfire with no possibility of relief and no hope for parole?
Where did this teaching originate and what does the Bible really say about the fate of the wicked?

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Lesson 14 – Salvation

Salvation is the goal of every True Worshiper. Some believe it is automatically and permanently secured once one repents and turns from sin. Others say that it is all of Yahshua’s doing and requires nothing of us. Let’s discover the biblical answers.

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Lesson 13 – Death and Resurrection

The biggest questions of life are: Why are we here? and What follows death? Many traditions have developed over the centuries about the nature of death and the heareafter. Most of them are based in mythology. In this study we will examine death and the resurrection from the only standpoint that matters — what Yahweh’s Word tell us is true.

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Lesson 12 – Baptism

If you have ever wondered about paintings depicting John the Baptist and Yahshua standing ankle-deep in the river while John with cupped hands dribbles water on the Messiah’s head, you had good reason to question traditions about baptism. The institution of baptism has been misunderstood for centuries, yet, it is essential to one’s salvation. Join us as we look not only at how baptism should be done, but also on whom it is to be performed scripturally as well as the reason that Scripture commands that a believer be baptized.

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Lesson 10 — Feast of Tabernacles

Tabernacles, as well as the other Feasts and Sabbaths, points the way to salvation. Those who do not keep Yahweh’s moedim do not really know Him. When an apostate Israel repented and returned to Yahweh, they immediately went back to keeping His Holy Days, Nehemiah 8:2, 14, 18. Obeying Him brings us closer to Him and results in His blessings, Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Obey your Father—and be blessed accordingly!

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Lesson 9 — Day of Atonement

Considered the holiest day of the year in Judaism, the Day of Atonement is the only observance on which we are commanded to “afflict our souls.” What this means and what lessons this day presents to the True Worshiper today are an important part of the salvation plan.

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