Lesson 8 — Feast of Trumpets

The trumpet was an important instrument in ancient Israel, and even Yahweh’s presence at Sinai was accompanied by a sharp trumpet sound. What can this Feast teach us about Yahweh and coming events? Let us find out.

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Lesson 7 — Feast of Weeks (Pentecost)

When the disciples came together in Acts 2, their motivation was not to “get the Holy Spirit.” It was to observe an Old Testament Feast, which Yahweh commanded for them as well as for us today.

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Lesson 6 — Feast of Unleavened Bread

Removing leavening from our lives for a week out of the year may seem strange in our modern world, but so is living by any of the Scriptures in our Post-modern, nihilistic society. Here is what it all means.

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Lesson 5 — The Passover

The Passover is the first of the annual observances in the Bible. Yahshua fulfilled the Old Testament Passover sacrifice with His own death, and by the accepting of His blood our sin penalty is removed.

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Lesson 4 — Scripturally Clean Foods

The first sin mankind committed was against a food law, when Eve ate of the fruit that Yahweh had forbidden. Many people do not know that there are other biblical commands against eating what was never meant as food for us. Let us learn about them now.

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Lesson 3 – The Weekly Sabbath

No other day in the Scriptures is given more prominence than the weekly Sabbath. Yet, in our society the first day of the week has far outdistanced the Sabbath in the number of people who acknowledge it. Does it make any difference to Yahweh which day is kept? Did the Savior change the day of worship by His resurrection, or are many deceived today?


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Lesson 2 — The Savior’s Name

Most Bible believers identify with a Messiah who was never known or called by the name they use. The question becomes, does His Name really matter and will it hinder salvation to call on a substitute name for the One who died for our sins?


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