e-News 1/31/2020

Feast Calendar for 2020 Now on Line

You can now schedule Feast time off from work and school for the coming secular year. The Feast and new moon calendar is available Here>>
Online registration for the Feasts should be available in a week.

Video Equipment Upgrade Means Exciting Programs

New video programs will soon be on the way once key improvements are complete. With the upgrades in equipment and technology we should have the ability to do remote, network-news quality videos through Skype. One exciting initiative is to have live interviews from Israel with Elder Don Esposito, a longtime resident of the country. He has agreed to partner with YRM to do “boots on the ground” reporting of events, bypassing any possible news bias. He also is very knowledgeable about the country of Israel, its history, and archaeology.

Bro. Paul Hinson Passes

We are sad to report that longtime Brother Paul Hinson, 80, passed away on January 27.  Paul was a faithful follower of Yahshua and very devoted to wife Cathey. From early on He was a big part of YRM, totally dedicated in his life in keeping the Sabbath and all Feasts. Bro. Paul had many talents, and the most memorable was his gift in song, as he sang numerous special numbers with Cathey through the years. Condolences may be left for Cathey and family at YRM. Listen to Bro. Paul sing: When I Wake Up. A truly fitting song from our dear, dear brother.


When Yahshua proved the doctrine of the resurrection to the Sadducees (Matt. 22:23-32), why did he quote from the Torah (Ex. 3:15) rather than the Prophets or Psalms, which speak of the resurrection abundantly?

A. The Torah was easy to understand

B. The Sadducees accepted only the Torah

C. That passage actually comes from the book of Mysteries

D. The Master liked to quote Exodus 3:15

There is no Bible book called “Mysteries.” The Sadducees accepted only the Torah as true Scripture. To settle the matter, Yahshua had to use agreed-upon references. While engaging others in Biblical apologetics, it is good to put yourself in their shoes, and use source materials they can relate to.


Answer: B

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