E-news 11/1/2019

E-news 11-1-2019
A Pivotal Key to Truth
Two of the most profound themes running through both testaments are the twin metaphors of firstfruits and firstborn. They speak to many key truths and guide us in understanding Yahweh’s design for this world and salvation. Firstfruits and the firstborn are instrumental in: family inheritances in both Old and New testaments, the biblical calendar and Feast days, Yahshua’s parables, and salvational rewards, to name some of the ways they impact truth. We are working on a booklet and possible Discover the Truth program digging deep into this commonly overlooked teaching that Yahweh gave us to explain His plan and purpose for His people. Your eyes will open to a new and greater understanding when you realize the significance of firstfruits in your walk in Truth and your salvation.
Ed Hayes Passes at 87
With sadness we report that Bro. Ed Hayes of Lincoln, Arkansas, passed away October 30. He was
 a long-time Sacred Name believer and teacher in northern Arkansas. He leaves his wife Flora, four children and a brother. More information and funeral time can be
 found Here>>

Turn Clocks Back One Hour
Don’t forget that Daylight Savings Time ends this Sunday. Enjoy an extra hour of sleep!

What is missing from the Apostle’s Paul’s salutations in his letters to the different assemblies?

A. Reference to the Holy Spirit
B. Yahweh’s Name
C. Yahshua’s Name
D. None of the above

Not once does Paul refer to the Holy Spirit in his salutations to the different assemblies. As noted in the Restoration Study Bible (1Thess. 1:1), “It is common for salutations in the NT to include the Father and Son. Not once, however, is the Holy Spirit mentioned in conjunction with the Father and Son….” This conscious exclusion offers additional verification that the Holy Spirit is not part of a triune majesty, but is the ruach power of our Father and His Son.

Answer: A
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