e-News 12/27/2019

Installation of Parking Lot Lights
Several years after we purchased light poles for the YRM parking lot, installation is finally underway. Bros. Chris Fouts, Ryan Mansager, James Duenow, Lucas Cecil, and Mel Braun worked for a couple of days on erecting the three poles, which will make the parking lot safer at night and the building more secure. This work had been put off because of more pressing requirements of the ministry. It is becoming clear that our parking lot requires expansion as well, especially during the Feasts.

Final Call for 2019 Donations
Only a few days remain for those who want their tithes and offerings credited for the year 2019. Be sure to have them sent or postmarked before January 1. Our sincerest “thank you” to all who respond to the needs of this ministry and who help us reach the many who are searching for Truth in a world of confusion. A complete report of your 2019 donations will be mailed in January 2020.

Throughout Scripture, Yahweh is alternately called Shepherd, Elohim, Father, Husband, Redeemer and Sovereign. How can these all be true at the same time?

  1. It depends on the mood of the writer.
  2. This variety is traceable to misunderstandings in The Hebrew.
  3. The New Testament concludes the matter: He is Father, and that is sufficient.
  4. These various titles are fulfillments of the Holy Name.

The Most Holy Name, Yahweh, has two (2) basic meanings. Either “He is” or else “He will be.” Observant Bible students will tell you that when Yahweh works effectively, He will be whatever He has to be in order to bring about His will. Without question, the Psalms instruct us to call upon HIs Name in prayer and worship. These titles, however, allow us to frame our devotions in a way that speaks to matters at hand. In no way do these titles eliminate HIs Name.

Answer: D

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