e-News 2/14/2020

Restoration Times Soon Mailed
The January-February issue of the magazine should be in the mail next week. We have been hampered by workload constraints and press breakdowns. Our seven-year-old press has an expiration date of less than two years when the company will no longer service our equipment. The latest Restoration Times can be read online here>>
Rebranding the Network
The YRM Network is now the Restoration Channel to harmonize better with our ministry goal of bringing back lost Bible truth. The streaming channel broadcasts every hour of every day and is bringing in new viewers daily. Now that our video production facility is modernized and streamlined, we plan to start making more video recordings and experiment with new kinds of subjects, hosts, and formats.
Fund for New Central Workstation
We hated to see it happen, but it was inevitable. The time has come to replace the main editing workstation at YRM. We have run the legs off this equipment for the last eight years, serving up hundreds of videos, publications, and Web content that has been viewed by MILLIONS. It’s an understatement to say we got our money’s worth!
We would not seek your help unless this was a critical need. As it stands the present computer system will not last much longer as it struggles even to keep up with software updates. This commercial Apple computer came out in 2012! Over the years we added as many fixes and upgrades as we could to shore up the old workhorse. Its performance and lack of security features are now impacting the work. The lagging operating speed is frustrating and costing us time.
Some of the necessary funds have been received. However, this specialized equipment and storage can cost over $10,000 and we are still short of what’s needed. Any help you can give toward the fund will be greatly appreciated and will insure that YRM keeps producing content that reaches the world and teaches the truth of Yahweh for years to come. We have big plans for the future of YRM and this equipment upgrade is essential.
If the fund exceeds what we are asking, we can future-proof the new equipment for several years more. Donations are tax deductible. Thank you and may Yahweh bless your generosity!
How many times does the word “Sabbath” appear in the New Testament of the KJV?
A. 0
B. 30
C. 60
D. 90
The word “Sabbath” appears an amazing 60 times in the New Testament of the KJV. In contrast, the phrase “first day” occurs only 12 times and not once refers to Sunday as a day of worship. The biblical record indisputably confirms that the Messiah and apostles in the New Testament worshiped on the seventh-day Sabbath with no evidence offered for Sunday. Sunday was never introduced in the Bible as a day of worship, but is admittedly an invention of the Roman Church. The supposed evidence of the Messiah being resurrected Sunday morning is also incorrect. Based on the chronology of Yahshua’s passion in the evangels, He died Wednesday at about the ninth hour, approx. 3:00 pm, and was resurrected late on the Sabbath, i.e., Saturday before sunset.  Correct: C
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