e-News 2/21/2020

Restoration Times Magazine on Its Way
The January-February Restoration Times magazine was mailed this week. You can read it online as well. We inserted the 2020 biblical calendar with all the Feast dates and new moon sighting projections, as well as a reservation form for those attending Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread April 7 and 9-15. The biblical calendar is online as well. We pray you are planning to join us in Holts Summit for these commanded moedim of the new year.
Israel Barley Not Ready for Early Passover
Two reliable searchers now in Israel have both reported that the Abib barley is nowhere ready for a Passover in March. Therefore our projected April 7 date for Passover still stands. Israel has been under heavy rains this winter. We thank Bro. John Illgen for his diligence and we appreciate being included in his findings. Also a thank you to searchers Brian and Linda Convery.
Workstation Upgrade Fund
A reminder that your help is needed to upgrade our workstation computer. This machine is responsible for our videos, publications and other office tasks. Any help you can give is appreciated.
Beware Texas Roadhouse
We have confirmed reports that  Texas Roadhouse restaurants coat their potatoes and sweet potatoes with bacon grease.
And Remember…
Constant Bible study is necessary for proper retention. The ancient Jewish teacher Hillel said, “Reviewing a lesson a hundred times cannot be compared with reviewing it a hundred and one times.” The same is true when hearing a sermon. As someone once observed, “We hear only half of what is said, listen to half of what we hear, understand half of it, believe half of it and remember half of that.
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