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New Coronavirus Exposé
We have completed another Discover the Truth Expose condensed program called Pandemic Pandemonium. The analysis discusses the Corona virus, its reported origin, and how the genesis of viral outbreaks relates to the covenant believer. Watch Here>>

Prepare for the Feast of Unleavened Bread April 9-15
The first Feast of the biblical new year is coming fast to Holts Summit. For this feast we remove all leavening and leavening agents from our homes prior to the week-long observance. Rather than waste leavened foods by discarding them at the last minute, we suggest using them up beforehand. A list of leavening agents to remove prior to the Feast is at https://yrm.org/leavening-agents/ You can also find unleavened recipes at https://yrm.org/unleavened-recipes/ For more Feast information, and to fill out an application form, go to: https://yrm.org/feast-of-unleavened-bread-2020-registration/

Live Sabbath Viewership Increasing
Those joining us live on the Sabbath through the Web or from their phone app has grown to over 300!. Watch on FaceBook, YouTube, Roku, Our App and Yrm.org/live!


Where it began – Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry was launched 21 years ago with the purpose of restoring biblical truths neglected for 2,000 years. The decision was made to build a local meeting place after about four years of gathering in homes and several public libraries in central Missouri and northern Arkansas.

In Ezra (2:59-63) and Nehemiah (7:61-65) certain Levites among many candidates were denied participation in the rites of the priesthood. Why?

A. They had defiled themselves irrecoverably.
B. They were a wild bunch.
C. They had no children to whom they could pass on their knowledge.
D. Their genealogy was uncertain.

Those who study the prophets of the Bible are stricken by the narrowness and precision of their ministry. The priests barred in Ezra/Nehemiah had uncertain genealogy, and were deemed as though polluted until a priest could minister with Urim and Thummim (perhaps to divine their true standing). Note that the contemporary prophets Zechariah and Haggai were not summoned to settle the matter. From this, two lessons emerge: Questions of ministerial qualification must be answered satisfactorily before taking office; and prophets may be inquired of, but are not to be pestered with every question that comes along. With so many Levites already within reach, this was no emergency.

Answer: D

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