E-news 4/19/19

E-news for April 19, 2019

Second Passover
A reminder that we will be rebroadcasting this year’s Passover service online tonight at 8:00 CT. Those who are immersed into Yahshua’s Name but who missed the Passover a month ago for being on a journey, must log on tonight, Num. 9:13. You will need some matzo (unleavened bread) and grape juice (not wine). Simply follow the service and partake when the time comes. You can join the foot-washing portion if you are sharing the service with others. Watch live here>>

Below is the letter sent this week to all contributors
May Yahweh find you and yours enjoying a welcomed change from the difficult weather conditions that at least half of the country experienced this winter.  Even though many brethren and supporters of YRM faced financial challenges the last several months, the needs of this ministry were not neglected and we were able to keep above water financially. We are thankful that a turnaround is underway and we praise Yahweh that we can now move forward in greater ways to evangelize Yahweh’s Truth to a world in spiritual meltdown.

We had a truly memorable and fulfilling Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread at Holts Summit as brethren from all four borders of the country and Europe joined us in obedience to Yahweh’s command, Leviticus 23:5-8. The week was filled with invigorating worship and fellowship, learning, and entertainment. There were eye-opening messages, special musicians on the night of the Mediterranean dinner, youth classes and activities, eye-opening Bible studies and three seminars, including two on learning biblical Hebrew. We were also blessed with four baptisms. Those attending all seven days went away spiritually refreshed and well-fed in every sense.

The next in Yahweh’s seven annual Feasts is Pentecost on May 12. Come for an inspiring double-Sabbath weekend. Lodging is plentiful in our 27-room activity center or you can find commercial accommodations in town.

The remaining Feasts of this year will be upon us before we know it. The projected dates of the remaining biblical seventh month Feasts, are: Trumpets, Aug. 31; Atonement, Sept. 9; Feast of Tabernacles, Sept. 14-20; Last Great Day, Sept. 21. (Trumpets, Tabernacles and Last Great Day could be delayed a day by the new moon.)

Since our last letter, we have published a new booklet, The Lost Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This publication shows many definitive reasons that the traditional temple mount site could not be the where Solomon built the Temple. It is available online as well. The video version has become our most consistently accessed, with over 940,000 views. We have been contacted by both the History Channel and Travel Channel seeking information on this eye-opening breakthrough. The information in the booklet is also a key to end-time prophecy and the return of Yahshua.

We also have good news to share in our latest initiative with the success of our new mobile app. As you may be aware, we seek to be cutting edge in all forms of digital outreach and we praise Yahweh for phenomenal success already. Following is a breakdown to date of the numbers who are downloading the YRM app on various devices: Android – 14,896; Roku – 781; IOS – 240; Apple TV – 6. Total – 15,923. With 24-hour live streaming, views of some of our video programs number into the millions.

One delighted user wrote of the YRM app: “Full of information and packed with media!  Most ministry apps are basic with few features. Not this app. It has a crazy amount of media and literature to read. I can also watch live Sabbath services straight from the app or their live video network. It’s the best Hebrew Roots app out there by miles!”

Yahweh is truly blessing this ministry and we praise Him for you and the growing chorus who desire to share the truth by joining hands to help us reach the world.

Your faithfulness has been a blessing, and is the very means by which work continues in the vineyard of Almighty Yahweh. Your quarterly receipt is enclosed with this mailing.


Test Your Tutelage
Who were the first gentiles to undergo New Covenant conversion?

A. Cornelius and his household
B. The Samaritans
C. Disciples at Antioch
D. Greeks who came to the Feast

The Samaritans were neither Jew nor Israelite. They were transplants from Assyrian conquerors, who brought them to Samaria to repopulate the land after the northern 10 tribes were removed from it. Most Jews were prejudiced against the Samaritans, the point of Yahshua’s parable of the Good Samaritan. Their conversion (Acts 8:5-6) was prophesied in Acts 1:8. But it was not a bombshell, like the salvation of Cornelius and his household, who were converted though uncircumcised (Acts 11:2-3). Answer: B.

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