E-news 5/17/2019

Feast Accommodations Going Fast

Only a few rooms remain in the recreation center at YRM for the Feast of Tabernacles September 17.

We encourage those who want to stay in the center but don’t yet have reservations to act soon.  Other options are tenting, travel trailer or a motel room. The weather should be warm for camping and we have electrical hookups in some tent areas.  We look forward to a terrific Feast blessing and encourage all with a heart to obey Yahweh to join us.


Supporting YRM Made Easy

Summer months are typically hard on the ministry income. Our bills are relentless year-round, however. We are also knee-deep in kitchen remodeling at the fellowship hall and need your help so we can make it usable by Tabernacles. Donations so far: $1,140. Goal: $18,000. You can donate to the fund and in a variety of other ways. Discover how at our website: https://yrm.org/donate/

A reminder that Amazon Smile contributes a portion of your purchases to YRM every time you shop with Amazon online, and it costs you nothing. To participate in this program, go to: https://smile.amazon.com/


Why is the first biblical month essential to the rest of the yearly Feasts of Yahweh?

A. Because the whole series of seven Feasts are based on the first one.

B. Because Yahweh’s Feasts are agriculturally established, including the first one.

C. Because Yahweh’s Feasts pivot on firstfruits of the individual Feast harvests.

D. Because “seasons” in Genesis 1:14 means appointed times, set by the first Feast.

Disregarding the Abib firstfruits of the first biblical month of the year leads to a cascade of derailments in the Feast calendar. If the first month of the year is off by a month, the rest of the calendar and its Feasts will also be off a month. Abib is specifically and only defined as a stage of maturing barley. It is not solar. The greening of barley grain into the dough stage is the only criterion specified in the Bible establishing the first month of the year is. Therefore the first month is appropriately called Abib.  Many unstudied in the Feasts and the all-important firstfruits that are offered within them stumble by splitting Pentecost or Feast of Weeks into two separate Feasts, calling one Pentecost and the other the “Feast of firstfruits.” In doing this they end up with eight Feasts, misusing Exodus 34:22. Their fuzzy math works only if they combine the Feast of Tabernacles and Last Great Day into one Feast, which is a popular error. The Bible clearly separates them into two observances, Leviticus 23:36, 39.  Tabernacles and Unleavened Bread are both seven days. Yahweh’s  design is consistent in both Feasts.

Answer: A,B,C,D

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