e-News 6/5/2020

We Are Worshiping Indoors Again
As of Pentecost last week we are now back in the worship hall for Sabbath services. In celebration, we have a new backdrop gracing the stage that should add new interest and freshness. Those at a higher risk for the virus are separated in the dining hall during the meeting, while the rest in the meeting hall are distancing. (Only two new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Callaway County where YRM is located.)

Make Your Reservation for Feast of Tabernacles 2020
We have opened up reservations for this year’s Feast of Tabernacles Oct. 3-10. This grand finale of Yahweh’s appointed times is the highlight of the believer’s walk. Information and a reservation form are online at https://yrm.org/2020-feast-of-tabernacles/

How Can I Help?
Those who are spiritually blessed by the important work of Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry in these last days will sometimes ask, what can I do to spread the Truth and share the burden? You can promote and share the sermon messages online in the different formats we use, pass out literature, join the Outreach program, and engage family and friends with the truth at opportune times. You can also provide support financially online through PayPal, purchasing online with Amazon Smile, which returns a percentage of what you spend to ministries like YRM, contributing through the mail, and by telephoning the office. Call the office at 573-896-1000 if you need guidance with any of these efforts. May Yahweh bless you. More info on Donating can be found here>>


What did Yahshua mean when he stated in John 10:30, “I and my Father are one”?

A. One in person
B. One in goal
C. One in mind

D. Both B and C

In John 10:30, Yahshua referred to Himself and His Father as being one in mind and goal, not one in person. The Restoration Study Bible further explains, “By being ‘one,’ Yahshua refers to their singleness of mind and purpose. It is this same spiritual unification that all people can have with the Father in Messiah Yahshua. See John 17:21, where Yahshua speaks of this uniting of the faithful in their belief as one, but not as the same individual in physical form,” note on John 10:30. Answer: D.
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