E-news 7/12/2019

Two Sabbath Immersions
The brethren at Holts Summit welcomed a couple into the Body of Messiah through immersion on Sabbath, July 6. Tad and Shelly Collier have been long-time followers of the YRM ministry and said it was time to commit to Yahweh through the waters of baptism. Please keep them in prayer as they begin new lives in Messiah Yahshua.

Outreach Efforts Bear Fruit
We continue reaching out with Truth in any way we can. One cost-effective way you can do your part is through the Outreach Partnership  program. We keep you supplied with literature to distribute. We will soon have an attractive booklet introducing  YRM for this purpose.

Successful ways to circulate literature include: Placing tracts in laundromats; doctor’s offices (ask permission first); waiting rooms in hospitals, beauty shops and auto repair shops; public library reference sections by leaving one in an appropriate reference book; booths at state fairs; or handing out wherever crowds gather. Be creative. More information on the Outreach program is at: www.yrm.org/outreach.

Grounds Beautification Continues
Bros. Ryan Mansager, James Duenow, and Lucas Cecil have been busy sprucing up YRM’s building and grounds in preparation for the Feasts of the seventh month this September. The landscaping around the road sign is the latest to get a facelift (see photo).

We know we can’t “earn” salvation by our good works, Eph.2:8-9. Surely the Old Testament doesn’t say the same thing, when the believer had to follow a strict code of obedience to many laws, correct?

A – No, salvation was strictly by one’s obedience to law in the Old Testament.

B – Yes, the same impossibility of “earning” applies to salvation in the Old Testament. See Ezekiel 33:13.

C – No one knows for sure.

D – The only one who earned His salvation was Yahshua, by His perfect life.

Many think all the rules changed in the New Testament. Not true. Grace does not replace the law and love does not negate obedience. We find these same teachings operating in both testaments (see the RSB chart on p. 1408). Our efforts can only render us worthy of salvation. But His grace is what opens the door.

Answer:  B and D.


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