E-news 7/26/19

E-news 7/26/19

Yahwehs restoration ministryHot Off the Press – New Outreach Booklet for You.
Our newest booklet is ideal for evangelism. Introducing Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry was written to answer the basic question of who we are along with some of our key teachings. It gives brief and engaging information on the sacred Names and the seventh-day Sabbath. This publication includes a short history of our beginnings and our many avenues of outreach, from television to Internet to Bible truth literature. It has photos of our facilities at Holts Summit, how to contact us and a map on how to get here. We believe this is the perfect tool for reaching out to your community and pray you will avail yourself of copies to distribute. It will be put online in the coming weeks.

New Moon Watch August 1, Critical Moon August 30
We are entering the important months of the upcoming Feasts where the new moon takes center stage. Next week’s new moon is the last regular crescent before the Trumpets new moon, possibly Aug. 30. We project a highly unlikely sighting for the night of August 30, but all need to make an effort to spot it. It is important to look for the moons preceding the Trumpets’ moon to orient yourself to its location in the sky. If the moon is not reported the night of August 30, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles will all be delayed one day and we will have double Sabbaths during Tabernacles. New moon sightings can be reported here>>

We always project and publish the calendar for the earliest possible dates, as it is easier to delay a day than to go back a day when making preparations. The calendar can be found here>>

What is the oldest city mentioned first in the Bible that still exists today?

A. Damascus
B. Babylon
C. Jerusalem
D. Ramses

Although Babel (Babylon) is mentioned first (Gen 10:10), it is no longer operating as a city. Jerusalem is mentioned in Gen 14:18 (called “Salem” then) but is trumped by Damascus mentioned in Gen 14:15. In light of Bible prophecy, world events, and modern attempts to revive the city of Babylon, someday the answer to this question may change.

Answer: A

Times change, Truth does not.

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