E-news 8/1/2019

E-news 8/1/19

Flurry of Baptismal Blessings
For the past several Sabbaths in a row we were blessed to immerse three couples into the Name of Yahshua. One couple traveled from Florida and one from the state of California for immersion. The other couple hailed from Missouri a few hours away. May Yahweh bless their new walk in Yahshua and strengthen them to be good examples of True Worshipers.

New Moon Watch Tonight
The new moon crescent is projected to be seen tonight. We encourage all to watch not only because of the new moon stipulations in Scripture, Isaiah 66:23, but also to orient yourself for the critical Aug. 30 new moon which begins the seventh month and the Feast of Trumpets. That moon will be low, very thin, and borderline in the window of visibility. If it is not seen Aug. 30, the seventh-month feasts will be delayed one day and Tabernacles will have double Sabbaths at both ends. Please report your sightings Here>>

YRM in a Birds-eye View
Our purchase of a drone has put a new perspective on the facilities at Holts Summit. You can watch the fascinating aerial video Here>> 


According to Psalm 83, ten nations will form a confederacy for the destruction of Israel and Jerusalem just before Yahshua’s return. Where are these nations today?
A. Europe
B. Asia
C. Orient
D. Middle East
These ancient nations are located in today’s Middle East. The note on Psalm 83:4 in our Restoration Study Bible explains, “Ten nations here form a confederacy to destroy Israel from being a nation. There is no historical account depicting the fulfillment of this Psalm. Therefore, its fulfillment is for the future. These ten nations may identify the ten toes of Daniel and the ten kings of Revelation (Dan. 7:7; Rev. 17:12). The following are the modern locations for these ten nations: (1) Edom – Southern Jordan, (2) Ishmaelites – Arabs, (3) Hagarenes – Egypt, (4) Gebal – Lebanon, (5) Ammon – Northern Jordan, (6) Amalek – Sinai Peninsula, (7) Philistines – Gaza Strip, (8) Tyre – Lebanon, (9) Assur – Syria and Iraq, and (10) Children of Lot – Jordan.”
Answer: D
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