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Feasts of the Seventh Month Start in Three Weeks

Arrange your finances, re-arrange your appointments, get the car road-ready…are you making preparations for Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles? The blessings of these days begin August 31 and run through Sept. 21, depending on the new moon sighting. If unconfirmed, the Feasts will be delayed a day. We project the following: Trumpets, August 31; Atonement, September 9; Tabernacles, September 14-20 and Last Great Day, September 21. These days all rest on the critical new moon of August 30, which is a Sabbath evening. Mark your calendars, watch for the new moon that night, and report the thin crescent to us.

Isn’t It About Time to Make Your Commitment?

You have heard about the Feasts and you realize that they are commanded by Almighty Yahweh and are to be observed. But when the time comes to answer His call for obedience there always seems to be some obstacle that takes precedence in your life to keep you away—whether from family, job, school, health or finances.

The Adversary knows every angle. He’ll keep you making excuses forever because he wants you to obey him and not your Heavenly Father.

Isn’t it time you stopped listening to him and began heeding Yahweh’s call? Isn’t it time to step out on faith and receive the blessings of obedience and lay claim to the promises that Yahweh has in store now and for eternity for those who obey Him?

Our desire is for all who are of sincere heart to join us at Holts Summit. If you contact us we will send you more information on this exciting Feast of the seventh Scriptural month. Or go online here>>
Make this your year of total obedience.

“I Didn’t Know That”


Eye-opening Facts Today’s Church Avoids.

  • Every time you say “halleluyah” you are praising the Father’s Name (hallel, “praise” + Yah).
  • Yahshua came in His Father’s Name as prophesied. They share the same surname Yah.
  • The Savior and His apostles taught exclusively from the Old Testament, the only Bible in existence.
  • The Gospel was preached to Abraham.
  • Grace and love are Old Testament teachings.
  • Unconditional grace is nowhere taught in the Scriptures.
  • Faith is found throughout the Old Testament.
  • The Holy Spirit is seen throughout the Old Testament.
  • Yahweh never wanted animal sacrifices but the goal was obedience.
  • Resurrection from the dead was first an Old Testament teaching.
  • Salvation was first an Old Testament truth.
  • The Sabbath is found in 60 New Testament passages.
  • The New Testament directly quotes from the Old Testament 263 times.
  • There are more than a thousand commands to obey in the New Testament.
  • The seventh-day Sabbath was observed by the Savior and His disciples.
  • Every one of the Feast days is found and observed in the New Testament.
  • The entire planet will be forced to keep Yahweh’s Feast Days in the coming Kingdom.
  • Christmas, Easter, and Halloween do not exist in Scripture.

(For more eye-opening facts see p. 1408 in the Restoration Study Bible)



Genesis 1:14 is the favorite go-to passage for a variety of calendar teachings. Which of these employ it?

A. Lunar Sabbath

B. Solar calendar

C. Black new moon

D. Vernal Equinox

E. All of these

When a reference is general and vague it can be twisted and massaged to support a number of divergent doctrines. For the solar calendar, calculated calendar, and vernal equinox teachings, the mistake in using Genesis 1:14 is that “seasons” should have been translated “appointed times,” from the Hebrew moedim. “Spring” or “springtime” is not in the definition of Abib, the first month of the year. Agriculture in the time of ancient Israel as well as today sets these appointed times for the feasts and not the sun or seasons. All seven annual Feasts are counted from Abib, which is the Biblical green grain month. That grain, which is barley (Ex. 9:31) ripens in the spring, but spring does not establish or set Abib. Neither do man-defined seasonal markers like the equinoxes and solstices determine Yahweh’s appointed observances. In sum, the biblical calendar is agricultural not solar. The Roman calendar is solar.

Answer: E

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