e-News 9/27/19

e-News 9-27-19

Feast of Tabernacles 2019 Review

“It was the best Feast of Tabernacles I have ever observed, and I have kept many.” This comment was echoed repeatedly from the 200+ who came to Holts Summit for the Feast of 2019. The eight-day observance was a flurry of activities, including: in-depth messages, workshops, sacred music and movies at the new amphitheater, youth classes, campfires, gymnasium sports, outings, Western extravaganza, delicious meals, and great fellowship. First-time attendees found the brethren friendly, engaging, helpful, and a spiritual blessing that only Yahweh’s people can be.

Here are some of the remarks left in the comment box:

* “This has been the most uplifting time I have ever had. The organization has a down-to-earth feeling and it was pure spiritual enjoyment. The education in Yahweh and His divine way for us has drawn me and my family ever closer to Him.”

* “It was a joy to be here. We loved the feast and enjoyed the stay at the room and interacting with others.”

* “Appreciate the children’s class for my little guy. I love that he can have an age-appropriate experience with learning about the Bible.”

* “I never go hungry. The salad bar was amazing.”

* “Great messages from the speakers. I enjoyed the variety.”

* “Our first few days this past week and we had such an amazing time. Learned so much and made such amazing friends! Learned the Hebrew aleph-bet. Learned how to tie different ways for head coverings, sang songs, camped, ate, cooked, watched movies, and more! We also learned some Hebrew dances, the men cooked an amazing barbecue, and many of the young ones and others shared their talents of music and singing one night. We honestly didn’t want to come home.”

* “The music was uplifting and wonderful to sing along with.”

* “Thank you for all you do in making each Feast better than the one before.”

* “I just spent seven days with the purest, happiest, and holiest families I’ve ever met, and can tell you it’s not an act. …Yahweh is calling His children and He seems to be sending the best of the best to the Assemblies like ours. Makes me feel blessed to enjoy worship in such an atmosphere….All the questions I grew up asking have now been answered…” (post-Feast thoughts)

We will have more reporting on the Feast of Tabernacles 2019 in future newsletters. Our prayer is that you will be with us for all of Yahweh’s commanded Feasts in 2020.


What is the best criterion for determining who is a true Believer?
A – They are filled with the Holy Spirit.
B – They do the will of Yahweh.
C – They have a deep, consistent devotional life.
D – They manifest signs and wonders.

In seeming anticipation of this confused age, Yahshua makes a special point to answer the question, “Who is my brother?” In Matthew 12:48-50 and Luke 8:21 He declares that it is those who hear the Word of Yahweh and do His will. They put it into practice.

Answer: B.

In prayer, the only way up is down.
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