e-news 8/31/2019

FINAL CALL for New Moon Sighting of the Seventh Month
As previously noted, the visible new moon crescent tonight will be difficult to see. If at least two reliable witnesses report it, then tonight will begin the Feast of Trumpets 2019. If not, the more likely confirmation tomorrow night will begin the Feast of Trumpets. Our Tabernacles activity calendar is based on the later sighting, but any activity changes either way will be negligible. Call the office at 573-896-1000 if you see it, or go to our new moon network website and make your report: https://yrm.org/new-moon-network/ We project only 37 minutes to see it tonight before it sets, being only 14 hours old. It will be 8.1 degrees high at sunset and will go down from there, and 5.4 degrees from the sun and razor thin. The probability of seeing it is highest in the West and Southwest U.S., weather permitting. A Saturday evening sighting will mean Tabernacles will have two Sabbath days back-to-back at each end.

The Feast of Trumpets likely anticipates which event?
A. Yahshua’s death
B. Yahshua’s Second Coming
C. The millennial Kingdom
D. The Second Resurrection

The Feast of Trumpets likely represents the Messiah’s Second Coming and the resurrection of the saints in the first resurrection. The Bible often connects Yahshua’s coming with the sound of the trumpet. In 1Thessalonians 4:16-18 Paul describes Yahshua’s coming and the first resurrection with the sound of a great trumpet. See also 1Corinthians 15:52 and Revelation 1:10.

Correct: B
In prayer, the only way up is down.
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