FOT 2021 Photo Gallery

Check out this years Feast of Tabernacles photos! It was such a blessing to have you all with us! Yahweh be with you all until we see you again in the spring.

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Crystal L Walters
Crystal L Walters
2 years ago

Greetings YRM Brethren, What a joy to my Sabbath evening to preview your FOT’21 photos! Look at all those baptisms! Now there were some rejoicing moments! AND your Elders lay hands on the new Members of Yahweh’s family as directed by our Yahshua! I just can’t love on y’all enough. Plus I am so, so much enjoying my new FOT gift to myself of the YRM Bible! I had to get the cheapy version, but no worries. There were times when I was able to purchase nice, leather bound Bibles “back in the day.” Those days are gone, but Yahweh… Read more »