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Kalil Kalil wrote on January 14, 2019 at 3:47 pm:
I totally appreciate the work you are doing to restore the church back to it's original foundation. One issue I have though is the use of G-d's most holy name as a common everyday term. 1st of all, It cannot be Yahweh because there is no "W" in hebrew. @nd of all the name for YHVH is not even translatable so we do not know what the actual name is nor how to prounounce it. 3rd, His most holy name was only used 1 time per year by 1 person on the entire planet who was the Cohen Gadol, and this was only for the forgiveness of the peoples sin in the Holy of Holies. Obviously there is something sacred about this name, enough to the point that other names were created to describe G-d by his personalitt such as HaShem (the name) along with others.
G-d is very particular about events and happenings and deserves our reverance as well. Even though He is our best friend, He is not our best friend; He is the almighty G-d and today we tend to lose sight of that and take him to casually. I am not judging, just sharing a different insight and perspective. Thanks for the opportunity.
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