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Grace Yow Grace Yow from Surprise wrote on April 20, 2019 at 5:40 pm:
shalom brethren:

i feel blessed watching several of your videos as i found them founded on the word.

however, i would like to comment on the assertion that the holy writings by the followers of jesus were originally not written in greek because the language construct is that of hebraic mind.

i was born and grew up in the philippines learning the english language from early childhood as this was our medium of teaching. however, now even after living for 14 years in the u.s., not only is my accent revealing of my true origin but my language construct and my thought still carry my filipino background.

my point is, one's culture and mindset can still surface even if one is speaking or writing in a foreign language.

another point to consider is that there is no such document found except that of the aramaic version which showed to be mere translation of the greek version.

still another: scholars determined that jesus' quotation from the writings of the prophets of old were from the greek translation rather than from the original hebrew language.

still another: if the original was in aramaic or hebrew, why would some words be retained as such in a verse and explained the meaning of within the verse? it is like writing:

"the world is "round," meaning round."

i believe there is more credence to the belief that the holy writings of jesus' followers were written in greek.

if jesus quotes the greek version of the writings of the prophets, i would not find any issue against the writings of his followers to be in greek especially because this is the most abundant version that obviously had divine provision for its availability till now.
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