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Q.   Is Christ a proper title to use in reference to our Savior?

A.   Christ comes from the Greek christos and means, “anointed.” It’s equivalent in meaning to the Hebrew mashiyach, from where we receive the English word Messiah. While “Christ” contains no pagan etymology in itself, we refrain from its use in an effort to make a distinction between a Greek and Hebrew faith. Since the Messiah was Jewish and taught a Jewish (Hebraic) faith, we prefer the Hebrew Messiah over the Greek Christ.

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Charles Anderson
Charles Anderson
3 years ago

I knew the answer you gave was correct. How do you explain it to Christians?It’s hard to do that when they dismiss you from even talking about it.Is it considered a sin to worship in the Greek Christian tradition?When I pray to YAHWEH I do so in the name of his son YAHSHUA.I don’t mention any titles.Is that the correct way to pray?