Why isn’t Yahshua’s name in the Encyclopedia Britannica?

     I was listening to this guy mentioning that the Name YAHWEH was not in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Of course I was curious so I looked myself and found Yahweh’s Name there, and was relieved. But I couldn’t find Yahshua’s name there. How come?


     Did you look up “Jesus Christ”? The 1974 edition of the Britannica says that his Hebrew name is Yesu. The Britannica Eleventh edition says, “An educated Greek…would have known that ‘Jesus’ was the Greek form of Joshua.” The Encyclopedia Americana does a little better job. Under “Jesus Christ,” it reads that Matthew 1:21 “interprets the name (originally Joshua, that is Yahweh is salvation).” Realizing that His name is the same as the Old Testament Joshua, with the “J” corrected to the “Y” because there was no J in the Hebrew, we can begin to see His true Name come through.

As the Americana points out, it is connected to Yahweh. Being that His Name means “Yahweh is salvation,” He would at least have Yah in His Name. Because the Greek lacks the “sh” form, it uses “s” instead.

It takes a bit of sleuthing to ferret out the historical truth of the Name because of 2,000 years of erroneous church tradition, subterfuge, and the popularity of error. Add to that a blind fear of profaning the holiest Name in the universe and we are left with a Latinized-Greek replacement.

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