Lesson 12 – Baptism

If you have ever wondered about paintings depicting John the Baptist and Yahshua standing ankle-deep in the river while John with cupped hands dribbles water on the Messiah’s head, you had good reason to question traditions about baptism. The institution of baptism has been misunderstood for centuries, yet, it is essential to one’s salvation. Join us as we look not only at how baptism should be done, but also on whom it is to be performed scripturally as well as the reason that Scripture commands that a believer be baptized.

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Irene Ocampo
Irene Ocampo
1 year ago

Baptism is done in what names and the correct answer is Yahshua. Bible verses were given to support but Acts 22;16 – And now why tarriest thou? Arise, and be baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of Yahweh. (RSB Mobile). I got a little confused, thanks to comment please