Lesson 3 – The Weekly Sabbath

No other day in the Scriptures is given more prominence than the weekly Sabbath. Yet, in our society the first day of the week has far outdistanced the Sabbath in the number of people who acknowledge it. Does it make any difference to Yahweh which day is kept? Did the Savior change the day of worship by His resurrection, or are many deceived today?


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3 years ago

Learned something new from Lesson 3. THIS —– b. Yahweh established the day of rest at Creation by resting on the seventh day Himself (Gen. 2:2-3). This was long before Moses received the Ten Commandments at Sinai. The Fourth Commandment says to “remember” the Sabbath because it had already been a long-established institution. (See Ex. 16:23, which was a Sabbath command before Sinai.