A Mother’s Grief

The infant had died unexpectedly in the womb and the subsequent birth had been difficult.  I watched silently nearby as the mother hovered over the lifeless body of her daughter and leaned down to gently touch her face.   An unfathomable sadness emanated from her vacant, sunken eyes, she turned her head to look away in disbelief and pain.  It would be three days before she would eat or drink much of anything while she struggled to overcome the smothering grief.   Not knowing how to comfort her in this terrible loss, I placed my head against hers and cried.   Slowly I then led Fancy, my Guernsey cow, back to the barn to relieve her udders of the milk her calf would never suckle.

If a non-human creature can suffer such anguish over the death of her offspring, how can mankind, created in the image of Yahweh, condone abortion?

by: Debbie Reed

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