Evangelism Training

New Evangelism Training Program!

We are happy to announce a new push into evangelism headed by our very own Brother Michael Bishop. Brother Michael and his wife Meandy have worked very hard putting together a series of evangelism training videos to help you in your efforts. They cover all kinds of things like overcoming your anxiety when witnessing to people and dealing with fear. All of these can be found by using the following link. YRM Evangelism Program

On top of the incredible evangelism training videos, they also host one Zoom call a month for registered users. (Don’t worry, it is free!)

If this seems like something you would be interested in, please visit the following link and sign up. We can all be witnesses for Yahweh’s Kingdom! YRM Evangelism Program

To become a YRM outreach partner, CLICK HERE>> If you qualify, you will be sent a selection of our booklets to distribute in your community every month.

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