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As a Ministry, we believe in the power of prayer. Please submit your prayer request below and keep those seeking Yahweh’s help and guidance in prayer.

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Pierre van der Watt

Good day Brother's and sisters.

I need to make an important decision for my family's future and me and my wife are not in unity about what needs to happen. I believe we need to get to a point where we can unite and be positive about the decision we make before I can make a move . We are living in South Africa and we facing a situation where we can lose everything, we own a house with a bond only on the property (building built cash).

My wife has emotional attachment to the house since she designed it. I think there is also fear of where will we live if we sell the place. We live in a security estate and situations in South Africa are not to good at the moment.

Needless to say that my wife is negative about the sell of the house. Please pray that we can get into unity and be positive about our choices and our future. If I don't sell we will lose it, if I sell we have a future.

I also need prayer that Yah's will will be our guide line.

Thank you so much.

Regards Pierre

Received: May 9, 2019

“Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto Elohim.” – Phil 4:6

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