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As a Ministry, we believe in the power of prayer. Please submit your prayer request below and keep those seeking Yahweh’s help and guidance in prayer.

I prayed for this

Prayed for 10 times.

Kathleen Pennington

Please pray for my daughter, Samantha Pennington and her ex fiance Josh Frye Jr. They have called off all of the future plans they were making. On August 8th their new little baby girl only lived for 50 min. She had a birth defect, where part of the brain and skull dont develope completely. The stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, grief, heartbreak, sadness, anger, missunderstandings, disagreements, arguments, and negative feelings that kept them away from each other. Kept getting worse for the both of them, until it resulted in them seperating 2 1/2 months before the birth of their daughter. Josh would always ask Samantha, how the doctor appointments went for her and Mallory. He was their for the birth of Mallory. He stayed 9 hours with Samantha and Mallory, after the birth.

I know he still cares deeply for Samantha, he has talked to her many times, after they went and made arrangements or Mallorys body, he has come by the house twice since Samantha been home from hospital. My prayer is for the strongholds of the mind be destroyed for Samantha and Josh. All their negative thoughts, to be replaced with the love, trust, calmness and understanding for each other. So the mending of their hearts and relationship can be healed, along with thier future plans. And that their faith will also be strengthen again, as it had begun to fade away.

I also ask for Josh that all distractions, and all the doubt, That is in Josh's heart, be removed and replaced with the love that he has always had for Samantha.

Thank you.

Received: August 31, 2019

“Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto Elohim.” – Phil 4:6

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