Restoration Times Sept – Oct 2019

In this issue of the Restoration Times we cover:

• The Angelic­­­­­ Realm, Part 1

• Your Devotion Reflects Your Heart

• Principles of Effective Bible Study

• Samhain and the Origins of Halloween

• RSB Topical Reference Preview

• Q & A

• Letters

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4 years ago

[…] September-October Magazine in the Mail The September-October Restoration Times (RT) was mailed this week. The issue examines the fascinating subject of angels in a first of a two-part article revealing where they came from, what they look like, their nature, what they do, and what they know. This latest issue also covers five principles of effective Bible study, the origin of Halloween, and a sneak preview of the new and improved Topical Reference for the Fourth edition of the Restoration Study Bible. As with virtually all of our literature, you can read this RT issue online at: […]