Songs of Praise

Songs of Praise


Early in the morning and when the evening comes,

little birds outside my window lift their little voices, each and every one.

It doesn’t matter where they are, it makes no difference if there is only one or two,

they seem to sing both day and night no matter what they later do.

One morning, as I listened their beautiful music rose higher in the air,

along with this sweetness came the thought of a lesson that we all can understand and share.

These little ones were not singing, ‘come and eat’ or ‘let’s sleep the day is done,’

these little birds were lifting their voices in songs of praise, each and every one.

To our great creator Yahweh, these birds begin their day with praise,

then later as they settle for the night again their voices all together will they raise in praise.

These little ones of the air gather together, no difference being made in their breed,

all differences are pushed aside they’ll sing before they feed.

How wondrous Yahweh’s creation – a lesson for us waiting even there,

though men were given dominion over birds we should learn to follow their example and lift our hands and voices in praise to Yahweh, let songs of praise rise in the air.


By  Michelle Love

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