What happened with Christianity?

Twisted Ways of Today's Clichés

Twisted Ways of Today’s Clichés

We were once visited by a relative who knew that my wife and I were firm believers in keeping Scripture ...

It’s Time To Fix The Breach

It’s Time to Fix the Breach With an assault on the Old Testament and its central teaching of obedience, Churchianity ...
Modern Worship

Wishy-Washy Worship

Wishy-Washy Worship AKA “Modern Worship” What will happen to the semi-serious dabbler in the Word? Can he go just halfway ...
Constantine and Christianity

Constantine and Christianity

Constantine and Christianity – His Sunday legacy Prior to Constantine, the church had implemented several changes. It was Constantine who officially ...
Christianity and modern worship

Modern Worship Has Lost Its Way

What is Christianity? A spiritual malaise is plaguing Christianity today, which is leading to a widespread decline in church attendance ...
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