YRM E-news 4/26/2019

E-news 4/26/19


Feast of Weeks May 12
In only two weeks we will be observing the Feast of Weeks, or Pentecost, at Holts Summit. Those
joining us will enjoy an inspiring two days of spiritual uplift and learning. We have 27 lodging rooms in the multipurpose center for a nominal fee of $20 per night. Come join others of like faith for a weekend that only Yahweh can give as we obey His command in this third moed of the year.
You can reserve a room by calling us toll free: 1-844-899-6438

Kitchen Expansion Fund – Can You Help?
Because our kitchen facility at Holts Summit is woefully inadequate for feasts and other events, we are renovating the facility. A used commercial dishwasher was purchased at a fraction of the cost of new a couple of years ago and we are taking it out of storage for installation. A convection oven and standard gas oven were also purchased used and await installation. Plumbing has recently been completed for the dishwasher. We are doing most of the work ourselves as we try to economize.
We estimate the total cost of the kitchen expansion at $13,600, with fire suppression range hood. If you would like to help with any aspect of this project, here is the breakdown you may choose from:
Propane install:   $1,500
Framing:              $3,000
Range hood with fire suppression: $6,300
(Range hood without fire suppression: $3,000)
Split unit AC: $1,500
Wall panels of stainless steel for oven: $1,300
Donations can be made here>> 

Help with any of these items would be great blessing to YRM. This much-needed project will bring years of convenience and enjoyment for all who come for Yahweh’s Feasts.

What is the biblically-documented way to lead people to the Messiah?
A – The law
B – The book of John
C – Telling them Yahweh loves them
D – Having a good testimony
Many have become acquainted with the Savior through the book of John. But Paul declares that the law is a “schoolmaster” leading us to the Messiah (Galatians 3:24). Much has been written about the Greek word for “schoolmaster.” It is an excellent metaphor for the process that leads to the conviction of sin. Upon our conversion Yahshua points us back to the law (Matthew 5:17-20), not as a harsh schoolmaster, but as the basis for knowing our sacred duty in a new life in Him.
Answer: A
“Worship is not about you but about Him. Follow His Word no matter where it takes you.”
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