Sabbath Partnership

Greetings in Yahshua’s Name! There are few more noble activities than serving the brethren. One way in which we can do this is by providing a place of worship for like-minded believers. To help with this, Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry has initiated the Sabbath Partnership program. This special program works with Sabbath partners to facilitate Sabbath worship in their own local areas. This creates a two-fold blessing: one for Sabbath partners through serving others and one for believers through local fellowship! If you have an interest in becoming a Sabbath partner, below is information on this important work.

What is a Sabbath partner?

A Sabbath partner is a Believer baptized into Yahshua’s Name hosting Sabbath services in their local area using YRM’s live webcast or Sabbath DVDs. Since the Sabbath partner only coordinates and does not facilitate the Sabbath meeting, both baptized men and women can serve as Sabbath partners. YRM’s commitment to our Sabbath partners is to support them through our many outlets, including our extensive website, social media outreach, and advertising.  The mission of this program is to help facilitate and bring Sabbath fellowship to those looking for worship in their local areas.

What are the qualifications?

Those who desire to host Sabbath services on behalf of the Ministry as a Sabbath partner must be in agreement to YRM’s Statement of Beliefs, completed all mini-courses, and financially supporting the Ministry. These requirements show unity and commitment. In addition, since it is important that there be mutual comfort by both the Ministry and the Sabbath partner, annual attendance at YRM’s Feast of Tabernacles is required, unless there is a personal situation or constraint that would prohibit coming. Finally, the Ministry also requires that the Sabbath partner agree to and sign our Agreement for Sponsored Regional Sabbath Meeting.

Where and how often must I meet?

While the Ministry prefers weekly Sabbath meetings, we are open to less frequent meetings as long as they are consistent. While a meeting room or hall is preferred, homes are also acceptable. The benefits of a meeting room over a home is greater security for the Sabbath partner and a neutral location for the believer looking for fellowship.

If you are interested in speaking to a minister about becoming a Sabbath partner, please contact the Ministry at (573) 896-1000 or

May Yahweh bless all those who desire to serve in greater ways!

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