Drive-By Teaching

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leon williams

I really enjoy a lot of the topics most of which i never been taught ,we where told to worship on sunday and now i know it was wrong, i have been learning a lot with you.thank you.

Timothy French

Randy,Allen,Lukeus, Debra and all the people of Yahweh ministry, I thank you for all your hard work. In getting the real truth out to the people. I have learned so much especially with my new YRM study Bible. Randy I laughed when you said the word most Bible believers. Some people like to argue and defend the lie. No matter how good of facts you have some people will argue. Of course we give Yahweh thanks first and for most. Keep up the GREAT WORK may Yahweh bless you. Love Timothy the homeless man.

Chris Malan

Paul was a master of unclear writing. Most likely the majority of weird religious ideas come from interpretations of Paul’s writing. Paul is most likely the only Biblical writer mentioned in the Bible as an unclear (hard to understand) writer. It’s a good thing Paul didn’t write product manuals. Nobody would be able to get their TV or toaster to work.

Chris Malan

If you read Exodus 12 you will notice that non-Jews were not allowed to celebrate Passover unless they were circumcised and converted to Judaism. This is clear.

Anthony Broadnax

I am truly blessed by the lessons and teachings that you provide and I really enjoy my RSB that I purchased about 4 years ago. Every since , I have been on a spiritual high. Thank you very much for allowing Yahweh to use you