Oh, Father Yahweh

Oh, ABBA, FATHER, who are in Heaven,
May YOUR Holy name be honored.
May it never be hidden,
Though if so, High EL, soon recovered.
May YOUR Kingdom come,
And YOUR will be done,
Not our will, ABBA,
But that of YOU and YOUR Son,
For HIS will is YOUR will,
And YOUR will, must be ours.
YOU sent Him to us FATHER,
Filled with all of YOUR powers.
So that we may see,
YOUR eyes in Him,
YOUR compassion,
And our dreadful sin.
On earth, as it is in Heaven.
YOUR will, will always be.
No matter our denial,
Nor how far we try and flee.
Give us, FATHER, our daily bread.
The bread for our bellies,
The bread for eternal life,
The bread we need to breathe,
The bread to be YOUR wife.
For eternity.
But not before YOU forgive us of our sins,
And YOU cleanse us white as snow;
Teach us how to come before YOU,
And confess what YOU already know.
Humble us so that we may humble ourselves.
Humble us so that we may know our High EL.
So we may fear YOU.
Obey YOU.
Believe in YOU.
And that every word YOU say is ALWAYS true.
For the earth is not lifting itself up,
Lighting itself bright every day.
Watering itself,
Creating itself.

It is YOU, FATHER, always making a way.
Please, ABBA,
Make a way for us to also see,
That we must forgive our family,
And guide them to THEE.
Lifting one another in YAHSHUA the Messiah,
As He Himself commanded when He
Forgave us of our sins,
And healed our leprous skins,
Even fasted for 40 days,
And never did HE bring
For He was, and is, our KING.
He FED His enemies,
No matter their felonies.
May we be more like Him.
Through the same Spirit calling
Us All …
to be
MORE loving.
Lead us not into temptation, ABBA, FATHER,
Who are in Heaven, may YOUR Holy name be honored.
But deliver us from the evil one,
For without YOU, we are no longer armored.
For YOURS is the Kingdom,
The power,
And the glory.
Thank YOU, ABBA, FATHER, for everything.

~Submitted by Mirla Murillo

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