Outreach Partnership

handshakeHave you ever had a desire to do more in reaching out to others in your community with the Truth? Now you can. YRM has implemented an outreach program involving our faithful partners and supporters. Participation is easy: simply distribute a selected item chosen by the Ministry. It could be a small card with an important message or a brochure on a specific topic. To have your name listed in the Restoration Times as an Outreach Partner, you must distribute a minimum of 10 pieces and report back to YRM on a monthly basis. We will send a free Restoration Study Bible to the person who distributes the most every three months. If you are interested in becoming an Outreach Partner, please send an email with your address to outreach@yrm.org. For additional information, please see the below QA.

Q. What is an Outreach Partner?
A. This is a person who commits to assisting Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry with outreach by distributing literature to people or businesses. These can include libraries, doctor’s offices, hospitals, bulletin boards, laundromats, motels and any other public locations where allowed.

Q. Who is eligible?
A. Members and non-members, including men and women in good standing with Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry, are eligible to participate.

Q. Is there a minimum quantity of items to distribute?
A. Outreach Partners must distribute at least 10 pieces per month to remain in good standing.

Q. How will Outreach Partners receive items to distribute?
A. YRM will mail materials directly to you.

Q. Will Outreach Partners have the option of the items they distribute?
A. While special requests will be considered, YRM will typically select the item. Because of cost, we may begin with a card or another economically printed piece.

Q. Will members be formally recognized?
A. Yes, all active Outreach Partners will be listed in our bi-monthly Restoration Times magazine, except for those who wish to remain anonymous.

Q. Must members report back to YRM on the number of items distributed?
A. Yes, by the 15th of each month, Outreach Partners must report what items and how many they distributed for the previous month’s timespan by phone at (573) 896-1000, mail, or email @ outreach@yrm.org. Those who distribute the most will receive special acknowledgement. The most diligent will receive an RSB.

Q. When will the program start?
A. As soon as you sign up we will send you a starter kit. The rest will be up to you!

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