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The Messiah said the walk of Truth is tough, narrow, a constant challenge and …. forever rewarding.

That’s the walk we want to be on.

“We don’t do Gospel Lite”

Throw out the standards, preach a watered-down message, and ignore sin and its results. Many churches will do that for you. We won’t.

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We believe in both the Old and New testaments and teach the true Name of the Heavenly Father, Yahweh. We also proclaim the Son, who was originally named Yahshua, a name that means “Yahweh is salvation.” The Savior’s mission is reflected in His Name–to bring the message of salvation to earth. We look to our Savior for salvation, realizing that only through Him do we find redemption and forgiveness of sins. We also observe the seven annual Feast days, along with the seventh-day Sabbath. If you earnestly desire a refuge from this world and man’s traditions, we welcome you here and pray that you will take the time to consider what we teach and represent as a ministry.


We are located just outside of the Holts Summit city limits in a beautiful rural setting 7 miles from the State Capital of the State of Missouri. The ministry sits on 8 acres of wooded property off of a blacktop county road 1.5 miles from Highway 54. We have our own campground for tenting and RVs. We currently have 10 full RV hookups and multiple tenting sites with power. If you are interested in camping please call the ministry (see below). Our 16,000 square foot, three story main complex houses our ministry offices, TV studios, sanctuary, fellowship hall, classrooms, children rooms, bathrooms, library, conference room, laundry facility and more. For dining we can seat 106 inside our fellowship hall and 80+ outside on our verandas and courtyard.

New Event / Activity Center

On our ministry campus we recently constructed an 11,000 square foot Event Center. Built for our specific ministry needs, this structure is essential for the spring and fall feasts, where we facilitate believers from all over the country and world. We fill up fast so if you plan on joining us for the Feasts registering early is a must! This two story activity center features a multipurpose indoor gymnasium with volleyball, basketball and game room, 27 dorm rooms with bunkbeds, men and women’s restrooms with 4 showers each (8 total), Kitchen, dinning room, fitness room and more. Since Holts Summit, MO is centrally located this facility also fills a need in the body of Messiah and is being used for various events and gatherings. Watch a video tour of this facility



We recommend visiting during a weekly Sabbath (Saturday) or on one of the Feast days. For questions speak to us directly call us at 573-896-1000. See our Holy Day Calendar >>


Our Sabbath day consists of a Bible study starting at 11:30am (children’s class starts at this time as well), services at 1:30 pm and a communal meal following the service approx. 3:30pm (don’t forget to bring something biblically clean, Lev 11; Deut 14 ). After the meal brethren fellowship for several hours. Many brethren remain here until around the end of Sabbath. The environment is very friendly and laid back. We have been blessed with a large number of children. If you will be bringing children with you, the family friendly environment will sure to be a delight.


To ensure that all is done decently and in order (1Cor. 14:40) please respect our beliefs and present any opposing beliefs only to a minister. Only modest dress honorable to Yahweh is acceptable. This means at least a dress shirt for men and either dresses or loose-fitting slacks for women. We ask women to wear headcoverings during worship services and Bible studies, 1Corinthians 11.Ministry, please abide by our guidelines. If you have a day in mind you would like to visit, please give us a call at 573-896-1000 and let us know you are coming and any special arrangements you or your family may need. If you are seeking baptism on your visit we will need to schedule a counseling session.




Holts Summit is a suburb of Missouri’s Capital City; Jefferson City. We are located 7 miles northeast of Jefferson City off Highway 54.

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Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry

11608 County Rd 4031
Holts Summit, MO 65043

Phone: 573.896.1000

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