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As a Ministry, we believe in the power of prayer. Please submit your prayer request below and keep those seeking Yahweh’s help and guidance in prayer.

Please note, all prayer requests are moderated in order to prevent spam from being summitted. If you submit a prayer request, it might take a little time before we have an opportunity to approve it. Please avoid submitting multiple requests for the same prayer.

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions.


Please help urgent your power prayer supports. .

I am poor family. No help & supports me.

Family members spiritual life prosperity. Elohim's plans only.

Divine unity.

Devil. Evil mans create all the struggles. Family problems. Sick. Debts & All many problems destroy.

Grace prayer team divine blessing ,& Extension prayer room.

Family members problems.

Omana ,15: years. (BED ) stroke. Good eyes sights.

Prasannal Heart & Kidney damage . Good eyes sight.

John. Suni. Abija Reunion.

Prasadh. Kanakam . Asish. Bless family divine blessing & fire anionting.

Kanakam ( Sick & Devil )destroy.

My tongue cancer ( cell & sick );destroy.

Five (5) lakhs rupees debts.

Canara bank loans & others loans due date.

Please help urgent your power prayer supports.

Thank you.

Received: September 18, 2023

Davi Liron Raider

I'm having a hard time. I need help.

I don't have a community of Torah observant people. I'm very alone in the world. Not many friends. No family.

I am getting in debt and I don't have a job. I have a hard time getting and keeping work. I'm stressed out that I have no financial stability. It's terrifying.

I have lots of health issues - psychological and physical -I have horrible PTSD panic that feels like ants under my skin. I also have pretty horrible insomnia. I had a c6 c7 spinal cord injury in 2011 and have improved but still can't run or dance and my hands are gimpy because of it and my muscles have atrophied and the left side of my body has different temperature sensation than it should.

I think I have cancer in my left arm and possibly elsewhere but I don't like doctors and won't go to one. I had my heart and veins damaged from a prescription drug withdrawal and trauma and it hurts to stand and my heart hurts a lot all the time. My left ankle is sprained. My knees hurt all the time.

My feet hurt because I have flat feet and also I have a bunion on my right foot and bunion surgery on the left, but the surgery didn't go well so my foot still hurts.

Also my roommate had his pinky cut off as a child. I've been praying for it to grow back so he will accept Yeshua. He said he would, if his pinky grows back.

Received: September 16, 2023

John M Covington

Sylvia M. Carroll: How are you doing. She was raised right, but went the way and I would for us to Pray for her to help bring her back to Yahweh. I thank you all deeply too, All Glory to Yahweh!!!

Received: September 15, 2023


Please pray for my difficulties in College. Northeast State Community College is where I go to in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

I pray Yahweh will me the potential to pass this college and to fullfill my dreams as a preacher and to be able to join this ministry when I can.

Praise Yahweh

Received: September 15, 2023

I prayed for this

Prayed for 2 times.

Toni Aldridge

My husband, Joe, had a severe GI bleed & stroke.

My daughter & I have been taking care of him at home.

Two weeks ago, I found out that I have cervical cancer.

We need prayer for healings & strength.

Thank you for prayers.

Received: September 12, 2023

I prayed for this

Prayed for 3 times.

Dennis E.

Please pray for me. I broke my arm and I am currently in a lot of pain. I am also I also don't have any way to drive myself at the moment.

Received: September 6, 2023

I prayed for this

Prayed for 1 time.

Sylvia Grbin

15 years ago while I was praying in the spirit, I received a vision of prosperity to come and had dreams of the same provision. I still have not recived this provision and felt that I should have received it long ago. Recently, I have been in communication with a Christian Prophet, he has picked up on my vision I had and said that I should have all ready received my provision and that a demonic spirit of deley has hindered my and my familys blessings. Both

l, my son and my family have been struggling to prosper, we are very stressed and sad.

Could you pls, pray that the spirit of delay and satanic manipulatoin over Yah's provision and blessing be gone in Yahshuas name

Received: August 25, 2023

“Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto Elohim.” – Phil 4:6

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