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The New Moon Network website. Report your new moon sightings in the USA for Holy Day observance.


Projected New Moons
January 25; February 24; March 25; April 23*; May 23; June 21*; July 21; August 19; September 18, October 17, November 15*, December 15

*May be observed next evening

New moon dates reflect the evening when the new moon crescent is projected to be visible.

Status: The new moon of the 3rd biblical month was confirmed on the evening of May 23rd, 2020. 

Confirmed Sightings:

Chris & Leighan Fouts (VA)
Hewitt Family (MO)
Bishop Family (AR)
Alan & Margie Mansager (MO)
Dennis & Donna (MO)
Kruse Family (MO)

Upcoming (4th month) New Moon: Evening of June 21st

Note: YRM uses only US sightings to set Feast gatherings in the US. Also, we will not accept reports from those who believe in the full moon, conjunction, or lunar Sabbath.

For additional information on the new moon, biblical calendar, or Feast days, visit our Feast page


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