Dress Code

We ask that all members and visitors respect and follow YRM’s dress code, which is to ensure proper dress in the assembly, especially during times of worship.

  • During times of worship:
    • Dress shirts, collar shirt, and pants for men and boys.
    • Dresses, skirts, or dress pants for women and young ladies.
    • Ladies must have their heads covered (scarves or hats) and men must keep their heads uncovered, 1Corinthians 11:5-7.
    • If you do not have dress attire for worship, please come in your best, as we are coming before the King of the Universe.
  • During other times at YRM, please avoid immodest dress, including: low neckline, sleeveless, exposed back, skirt above the knees, exposed midriff, tight fitting, shorts, and see-through.
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Henry and Elaine in Winchester, TN
Henry and Elaine in Winchester, TN

what are your thoughts on make up, jewelry and bright colored nail polish for women and young ladies?


Shalom! My name is Ranelyn, and I recently moved here in South Carolina. Is there a synagogue here somewhere? If Yes, can I get the detailed address please? I appreciate your response. Thank you and Yahweh bless.