Visit these studies for in-depth understanding of the Scriptures. We cover a whole range of topics that provide profound insights to guide you to salvation, while debunking the errors of man-made, church tradition. Never taking the common bits-and-pieces approach, we harmonize the entire Bible’s teachings as we glean from both Old and New testaments -- just as it was meant to be studied.







Discover the Hebrew roots of Christianity. From the time of the Messiah the Hebraic aspect of the faith has been lost to Greek and Roman influence. This change has completely changed much of the original truth of scripture.

Christianity is full of traditions. Many of the practices in today’s church are not from the Bible but rather greek and pagan influence. From today’s holidays to Sunday,  the very day Christianity worships, all of it can be traced back to tradition.

Visit Come to the Garden, written for women by women. Whether you are a believer or are still searching for truth, come rest for a while in our spiritual garden of faith.




Yahweh's Restoration Ministry



Learn about the most common misnomers in the church and the Bible

Yahweh's Restoration Ministry

Were you ever a part of the Seventh Day Adventist Church? Do you still believe in keeping the Sabbath? Continue on in your journey for truth! There’s more to truth then Ellen G. White.

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