Building Fund


Building Fund

YRM is wrapping up work on our new 60' x 130' multipurpose building. This new facility contains a small gym, lodging quarters for the annual Feast days and other events. The lodging portion contains two communal bathrooms with showers, communal kitchen with a small dining area, and 27 lodge rooms split between two levels. The lodge rooms are approximately 10’x10’ in size with two bunk beds in each room. Some rooms have a door between them to accommodate larger families. This will not only be a blessing for the Ministry throughout the year, but especially for the annual Feast days, providing critical lodging during these times.

To save on funding, YRM had elected to do most of the work ourselves with Ryan Mansager leading the effort and assisted by Lucas Cecil. While the main building has been finished and many donations were received, we still need your help. We did not want to take on debt, so we had to dip into our savings to finish the work. If you want to continue to donate to this fund, it will allow us to replenish our savings. Each and every donation is much appreciated.

We have received $67,500 of the $125,000 needed to finish this project. 

Phase 1-3: Gym, 1st and 2nd floors(COMPLETE)

Yahweh's Restoration Study

Finishing Touches (In Progress)


Those who donate $150 or more will receive a personalized copy of the Restoration Study Bible, Premium edition, as a thank you gift from the Ministry.