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Grace Yow Grace Yow from Surprise wrote on April 20, 2019 at 6:00 pm:
paul whose hebrew name is shaul.
peter whose aramaic name is cephas.
matthew whose hebrew name is mattetiao.
mary whose hebrew name was mariam.

note that the above were israelites but whose names were transformed into greek equivalent. peter is one i have in mind is actually greek that jesus himself renamed cephas.

but note that in his epistles, paul used that name which he was first recorded as being called while he was in cyprus.

note also that it is not only the name of yeshushua/yeshua, but all of the israelites mentioned in the holy writings of jesus' followers from matthew to jude used the greek version of their names.

i believe it is enough to bear in mind the hebraic mindset of the entire book and prayerfully read and study them with that consideration. nevertheless, the true and deep understanding of the word of god can only come from him, not from the works of bible scholars. i also believe our father gives the understanding as needed.
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