Feast of Tabernacles 2024

Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry invites you to the 2024 Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) celebration in Holts Summit, Missouri, from the evening of September 19th – 26th. This Feast offers incredible insight into our Father’s plan of salvation for mankind. It represents not only Israel’s 40 years in the wilderness but prophetically points to the coming Kingdom when Yahshua the Messiah will govern this earth with His saints, Revelation 20:6.


Updates: When you register, please check your e-mail, as we will send periodic updates about your lodging, etc.

Worship and Activities
Above all, the Feast is a time to worship Almighty Yahweh (Lev. 23:1). There is no greater purpose! To follow this command, we will have daily worship services along with several Bible studies throughout the Feast. We will also have a baptismal service for those seeking immersion into Yahshua’s Name. We will have our traditional Night of Special Music and all are invited to participate. To honor our Father in heaven, we ask that all Feastgoers make an effort to attend each day as this is a commanded, eight-day observance. In addition to the inspiring and informative messages and Bible workshops, we have several activities planned, including Bingo, trivia night, wiener roast and s’mores, and much more!

Since there is a limited number of rooms and RV spaces, they are only available to those who stay for the entire eight days of the Feast. Whether you stay on or off YRM facilities, we also ask for a minimum donation of $50 per registration, in addition to the above lodging fees. This donation will be used for food and supplies throughout the Feast. Registrations are final ONLY after receiving BOTH the registration form AND lodging/registration donations.

Early Arrival: For those wanting to arrive a little early, we are opening up the YRM lodging sites on Sunday, Sept 14th. We ask no one to arrive prior to the listed date as the ministry staff will be working on the grounds, and preparing for the feast is made much more difficult when we have all kinds of people in the way.

Departure times: YRM asks that all feastgoers vacate the grounds no later than Monday, Sept 30th. We understand we will all want to stick around and fellowship as long as possible, but the Ministry staff has to be able to clean up and work on the grounds in a timely manner.

YRM Dorm Rooms:
 We have several dorm rooms available for a donation of $150 per room (not including the $50 registration fee). This will account for the entire feast (all 8 days).

YRM RV Sites: YRM also offers RV sites with full hookups for a donation of $100 (not including the $50 registration fee). (Please note that smoking is not permitted on assembly grounds, including the campground. If you smoke on YRM’s property, you may be asked to leave).

YRM Electric Tent Sites: Electric camping for a donation of $50 for the entire Feast (not including the $50 registration fee). There are also offsite RV spots available for those interested. Binder Lake in Jefferson City (about 15 minutes away) has several RV and camping spots available. There are several hotels in Jefferson City all within 15 miles from the Assembly. For more information on lodgings or any other general inquiries, go online and search for your preferred hotel.

YRM’s pet policy: [No pets or service animals in YRM facilities. (Religious entities are exempt from the requirements of Title III of the ADA III-1.5000.) Pets and service animals are allowed on the property so long as they are leashed. (in campers/ tents, etc…)]

While some meals will be provided by YRM, most meals will be the responsibility of individual feast goers. There are two kitchens available, one in YRM’s main building and a second in the gymnasium. Both kitchens contain several stoves with limited refrigerator and freezer space. Those who use YRM’s kitchens must clean up after themselves, including any pots and pans used to prepare their meals and any messes they create in the fellowship (dining) hall. If they do not, they may forfeit their rights to kitchens. There are also several BBQ grills throughout the camp.

Airport and Bus Connections
The closest airport to Holts Summit is the Columbia Regional Airport. However, it may be more affordable to fly into St. Louis or Kansas City, Missouri. Due to the distance from the assembly, visitors flying into Kansas City and St. Louis airports will need to provide their own transportation or schedule a pickup and drop-off by Mo-X shuttle service from the Kansas City and St. Louis airports to the pickup location in Kingdom City. You can reserve a ride online at moexpress.com or by calling (877) 669-4826. If advance notice is given to YRM, the Ministry will provide a shuttle from Kingdom City to Holts Summit.

Another option is W&W Superior Transportation; they are sometimes the cheaper option: https://www.wwsrt.biz/

For those taking Greyhound or Amtrak, the closest depot/station is in Jefferson City, MO. If advance notice is given to YRM, the Ministry will provide a shuttle from Jefferson City to Holts Summit.

Background Checks
For the safety of the assembly, especially our children, the Ministry will be conducting background checks from SMART for all those 18 years and older. The Ministry reserves the right to request official identification upon arrival.

Dress Code
To ensure proper respect during worship times, and modesty throughout the Feast, we request that the following guidelines be honored: during worship times, men and boys should wear dress shirts and pants. Women and young ladies should wear dresses, skirts that cover the knee or dress pants. If you do not have adequate attire for worship, please come in your best, as we are coming before the King of the Universe. At all times, please avoid immodest shorts, sleeveless, tight or low-cut clothing. Also, women and young ladies should cover their heads during worship and men are to leave their heads uncovered (1Cor. 11:6-7).

Ministry Guidelines
Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry asks all who attend to respect our doctrines, not purposely spread discord, and to follow our Code of Conduct. Our teachings and worship are in the Names Yahweh and Yahshua only. The Feast is a time to worship and to enjoy the company of like-minded believers, not to engage in doctrinal disputes. If you have a different belief from our Statement of Beliefs, we ask that you discuss it with only YRM’s ministers.

We pray that you will make plans NOW to join us for these special times. The time of reflection and spiritual growth during the Feast of Tabernacles will be a blessing for all in attendance! May Yahweh bless you in your desire to serve Him! To make your reservation, please complete and submit a reservation form with your donation.

Updates: When you register, please watch your e-mail, as we will send periodic updates about your lodging, etc.


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