Prayer List

PrayerPlease keep the following in prayer:

  • Continued Prayer: Elder Bob & Debbie Wirl, Bob Wells, Dreama Simmons, Qaumaniq Suuqiina, Justina Ryan,  Ricardo Angolano, Susie Hylton, Millie Deck, Adi Stahlin, Jesse Cox, Kim and Kenny Miller, Randall Serfass, Julie Mosher and family, Ted & Theresa Cecil, Nancy White, Aleta Ridgeway, Yvonne & Terry Johnson, Margaret Huges, Nicholas & Marie Miller, Brian Thomas, Jim & Tina DePrew, Connie Thompsen, Jeanette Loudurback, Joy Yeemon, Verlon Riddle
  • Healing:  Steve Nesta, James Hudson, Oliver Owens, Hailee Maczko, Heather Lind, Sophia Christensen
    Silvina Mitchell, John Pavaloch, Linda Cox, Charles Mc Cusker, Jane Carr
  • Acceptance of Truth: Catie Mohkovic, Hubbard Family, Lind Family, Maczko Family, Maison Family, Mitchell Family
    Nichols Family, Pavolich Family, Stollfuss Family, Thomas Family, Yanni Family
  • Finances:   Lisa Smith, Stevie Lemley, China Brown
  • Employment:    Cindi Massetta,
  • Medical Procedure: Noah Stollfuss
  • Passing of a loved one: Jackie Thomas & Family
  • Relationships:  Eric& EileeneLeBlanc
  • Knowledge:  Tolton Smith
  • Wisdom:  Tolton Smith, Josue Colon, JM Gonzalez
  • Safety and Protection: Vira Family, Kyle Jones, Daniel & Mary Bowman
  • Guidance:  Daniel Bowman, David and Judy, Michael Hubbard
  • Yahweh Knows:    Daniel & Mary Bowman, Luc and Heather Preston, Mary Carey, Lee McKalip, Nesta and Camardo families, Carey and Weeger families
    Amanda Lyss, Ferrell family, Raja Israel varma, Dot Hubbard, Michael Hubbard, Godejohn family

Updated – 3/24/2017

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto Elohim.” – Philippians 4:6