YRM New Video Editing Workstation

Well, the time has finally come…we all hate to see it happen, but it was inevitable. The time has come to replace the main editing workstation at YRM. We have run the legs off this equipment for the last eight years and it has served up hundreds of videos and other content that has been viewed by MILLIONS. It’s an understatement to say we got our money’s worth!

We would not ask for this unless we thought there was a real need. As it stands now, the computer we have will not last too much longer and it is struggling to keep up with software updates and its performance and lack of security features is really starting to show. Its lagging speed is also costing us time. It might be hard to believe, but we are using an Apple computer that came out in 2012! We have added as many fixes and upgrades to this old workhorse as we could.

We have received some of the necessary funds that we need for this major upgrade. However, this specialized broadcast Apple equipment and storage can cost over $10,000 and we are still short of the necessary funds. Anything you can do to aid us in this would be greatly appreciated and will help insure YRM keeps producing content that can reach the world and teach the truth of Yahweh for years to come. We have big plans for the future of YRM and this equipment is essential!

We still need $6,000 minimum to place our order. However, if we receive beyond what we are asking, we can future-proof this order and extend the life of the equipment for several years.

Any donations are tax deductible and again, we thank you for your generosity!

May Yahweh bless!

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