June 25
1:30pm CT
Sabbath Service
Holidays, Holy Days and Sabbaths
The modern Christmas celebration has ancient roots in mystic sun worship. Find out the shocking truth behind this flagship of human holidays. As Labor Day ends the world draws a bead on its major year-end holidays. The first of which is the strangest of all, Halloween. Candy and costume makers love it. This substitute for Passover is the perfect example of pagan practices re-packaged into something people think is biblical. Many spin the word of Yahweh to support the dictate of a pagan Roman emperor’s decree to change the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. This booklet fires back at these ridiculous claims. Far too many ignore the commands of Yahweh to keep his annual Feast days. It’s too bad that they not only miss the blessings that go along with obedience, they also miss the blessings that go along with communing with Yahweh’s people. How does a believer properly keep the Sabbath holy to Yahweh and what are some things to look out for? The Passover has been re-sized, stretched and twisted to fit into the most outlandish of doctrines and teachings. This booklet allows the Bible to speak for itself about this most solemn of all observances.

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Preparing the Heart
Elder Alan Mansager of Yahweh's Restoration Ministry speaks about how we should prepare our hearts and our lives to accept and live by Yahshua's example as we think about his sacrifice for us, especially as the Feast of Unleavened Bread approaches. (Sabbath Service 3-19-16)
Repentance after Baptism / David: A Man After Yahweh's Heart
Jose Gonzalez and Ryan Mansager of Yahweh's Restoration Ministry present two topics. The first is regarding the topic of repentance, and how it is necessary in the life of a believer, even after Baptism. The second topic is about King David, and how aspects of his life resembled that Yahshua, who came as a shepherd 1000 yrs later. (Sabbath Service 3-05-16)
Yahshua and the Old Testament
Elder Alan Mansager shows how Yahshua relied on the Old Testament for his teachings and taught that putting the law in our hearts requires action. (Sabbath Service 2-20-16)

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